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UCLA Health

UCLA Health Graphic Identity


Brand Vision


UCLA.  These initials represent one of the best-known and most highly respected names in medicine. They also represent our brand, the association of our name with leadership in research and education, and one of healthcare's most forward-thinking providers.

Because UCLA Health is connected to an outstanding university, our identity is enhanced by the growth of the UCLA university brand. With the university's adoption of a new logo several years ago, our brand has evolved to strengthen the ties and enhance the brand identity of both organizations.

We rely on you to consistently apply UCLA Health graphic identity standards on such items as printed materials, web sites and uniforms. Through your efforts we continue to reinforce how the public understands our brand and vision.

Brand Vision

Advancing health through the power of discovery and collaborations.  This is the vision behind the identity for UCLA Health.  And it is the aspiration that unites every part of our enterprise under the UCLA Health umbrella.

This vision is what our brand stands for.  It is what sets our organization apart.  It makes us who we are.

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