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UCLA Health Graphic Identity



The UCLA Health identity program uses a multitier "logo" system to identify all entities within the UCLA Health brand, including hospitals, clinics, departments, programs, and locations.

Our multi-tier logo system is designed to associate every facility, program, event or offering in our organization with the UCLA Health brand.  This naming system does two things.  It simplifies the naming structure of all entities under our brand and keeps the focus on UCLA Health.  Great brands are simple, clear and memorable.  People will remember our brand.

The core element in this multi-tier logo system is the UCLA University logo, the solid rectangular panel with the specially styled letters "UCLA."  The combination of the UCLA University logo and the brand descriptor typography is the "UCLA Health" logo.

This logo system replaces all older institutional logos.  It is the only graphic device to be used to signify any part of UCLA Health.

Note: The UCLA logo is a unique design and cannot be accurately reproduced with any typeface.  It must not be drawn, scanned or modified in any way.  It should be reproduced only from electronic files.  Also, the UCLA logo should never appear as a stand-alone graphic, but should always be accompanied by a brand descriptor typography.  This avoids confusing our identity with that of the university.

Digital files of our family of logos are available in the downloads section.  If you do not see the logo you need in this section, contact the Marketing department.


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