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Updating Your Provider Profile

Instructions for updating your Provider Profile on the www.uclahealth.org website

Who is listed in the Provider Directory on uclahealth.org?

The UCLA Health Provider Directory lists ACTIVE UCLA Medical Group providers.

This search feature allows visitors to the www.uclahealth.org website to find a primary care provider or a specialist. Users have the option to search by name, specialty, keyword, languages spoken, or gender. These are dynamically generated web pages utilizing a content management system (CMS). Please see below for data sources.

If you are not currently listed as a provider in the UCLA Health Provider Directory, please contact the UCLA Medical Group's Provider Relations Office at (310) 302-1341 or by email at Provider@mednet.ucla.edu.

How do I find my web page?

To find your web page, go to www.uclahealth.org and use the Provider Directory Search feature to find your profile. In addition, all providers have a FRIENDLY URL which allows you to quickly locate your web page. The FRIENDLY URL is comprised of your "First Name" "-" "Last Name" placed after www.uclahealth.org/. For example, Dr. Ronald Busuttil's web page is www.uclahealth.org/Ronald-Busuttil. Note that the default URL uses your board-certified first and last name, and if part of your licensed name, can include middle name.    

If your FRIENDLY URL is not working, or you would like to update it please contact the Digital Marketing Team at MDProfile@mednet.ucla.edu.

How can I update my provider profile web page?

Getting Started

Although we pull some data from the UCLA Medical Group and Credentials & Verification Office databases, you can request to update some fields by submitting your updates to mdprofile.uclahealth.org. The UCLA Health Digital Marketing Team will post these updates to your profile page. See below for fields you can update.

Which fields can I update?

Some data is pulled from the UCLA Medical Group and Credentials & Verification Office, however, the following fields can be updated by provider's request when submitting the provider profile update request form:

a. Photo: Please submit a high res photo in a .jpg or .png format, and format the image name by using FirstName-LastName (eg. John-Smith.jpg). Wearing your white lab coat for this photo is preferred.
b. Practice Location: Please include the location where patient will be seen for their appointments.
If you are a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and the practice location is incorrect or missing, please submit the information to two departments.

  1. Submit your practice location to UCLA Health Marketing via the provider profile update request form so it can be updated in your UCLA Health profile page, AND
  2. Have your admin office contact the Medical Group Provider Relations Office at (310) 302-1341 or by email at Provider@mednet.ucla.edu to update your address with the UCLA Medical Group and health plans.

The practice location address should be submitted in the following format. This address is where patients will be seen for their appointments: (no administrative or mailing address please)

Name of Clinic or Specialty
Street address with suite number
City, State and Zip Code

If you do not see patients in clinic, but would like to add your academic or mailing address, please specify this in the comments section when you submit the update request form. (This address will be added to your "About Me" section.)

c. Office Number: for patients, appointments
d. Fax Number
e. Clinical Interests: To update your clinical interests, go to prs.mednet.ucla.edu/aoi. (Clinical Interests are managed by the UCLA Health Referral Team)
f. Research Interests
g. About Me/Additional Information: Biography. You may also include a downloadable version of your CV here.
h. Publications: You may add a link to your PubMed publications here. Please provide us with your direct link or the "name listed as".
i. UCLA Dept Links: Please only include links to UCLA websites that are relevant to patients. (No personal websites.)
j. Awards
k. In the News: This field may be used for links to media stories that you are featured in. Please note that these links may expire and break.

Please use the COMMENTS field on the form for instructions to the digital team regarding your change request.

Updates to the above fields are typically posted within 3 business days.

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Where does the other information come from?

Some data is managed separately by groups within the UCLA Health. This data is imported nightly to the website and must be updated directly from their data sources. For example, medical board certifications can only be updated by the Credentials Verification Office (CVO).

Name: Your name reflects the name listed on your medical/professional license. To update your name, please contact the Medical Staff Credentials Verification Office at (310) 794-0440 or CVO Director, Jennifer Siguenza at JSiguenza@mednet.ucla.edu for more information. (You can also add your preferred name to your "About Me" section).

Education, Board Certification, Hosp Affiliation: To update your Education, Board Certifications (including renewals), or Hospital Affiliation(s) please contact the Medical Staff Credentials Verification Office at (310) 794-0440 or CVO Director, Jennifer Siguenza at JSiguenza@mednet.ucla.edu.

Specialty, Department Affiliation: The specialty field generally comes from the list of ABMS specialties and subspecialties. This data comes from the UCLA Medical Group's "directory specialty" field. To make changes to your specialty or department affiliation, please contact the Provider Relations Office at (310) 302-1341 or by email at Provider@mednet.ucla.edu.

Clinical Interests: To update your Clinical Interests go to prs.mednet.ucla.edu/aoi/ for additional information or contact the Provider Referral Call Center by phone at (310) 301-5383 or by email at access@mednet.ucla.edu. Please note that the Digital Marketing Team works with the referral team to match your Clinical Interests from the 800-UCLA-MD1 call center to the online provider directory.

Languages: This data comes from the UCLA Medical Group's "Languages Spoken" field. To update your languages, please contact the Provider Relations Office at (310) 302-1341 or by email at Provider@mednet.ucla.edu.

How do I opt in to join the UCLA Health experts team in ShareCare?

Sharecare experts include physicians and health professionals from all over the country, so users can find the health answers, advice and resources that are right for them - and right nearby – through articles, videos, blogs, programs and assessments.

To join the UCLA Health Q&A team, start by creating a Sharecare expert profile. Link to Sharecare website to begin »

To learn more about ShareCare, watch a short video and visit UCLA Health's ShareCare profile at www.sharecare.com/group/ucla-health.

Who can I contact if I need help?

For assistance with your profile page, please email us at MDProfile@mednet.ucla.edu or call the main Marketing line at ext. 48173.

PLEASE NOTE: The Marketing department does not manage the research faculty database at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. For updates to the school's website, please contact the Research Department's Computing Technologies Research Lab (CTRL) at fdb-support@ctrl.ucla.edu or by calling (310) 206-6556.

Who manages UCLA Health website?

The www.uclahealth.org consumer website is managed by the UCLA Health Marketing Department. This website does not accept advertising.

Page last modified: Sep 2016

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