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Giveaway Items

Updated Guidelines - Please read

All requests will be reviewed by Marketing Department. Event details are required. To place an order, please fill out the Giveaway Order Form.

An Order Confirmation Email does not guarantee the availability, or approval, of the items requested. If an item is unavailable, the requestor will be notified with replacement item suggestions.

For Community and Volunteer events, the items are provided free of charge.

For Employee events, please see the cost of each item here. A recharge ID, or an FAU, must be provided when placing the order.  Please note: not all items, even with payment, are eligible for certain events.

Orders placed more than 30 days prior to the event date will be automatically discarded.

* For budgetary control purposes, please limit order to two types of items per event. 

Bottle Water Rally Towel Hand Sanitizer

Bottled Water (Non-Employee Community Events Only)

Rally Towel

Hand Sanitizer

Sunglass Pen fans

(Temporarily Unavailable)

(Temporarily Unavailable)


Canvas Tote Bag Canvas Tote Bag (Royal Blue) Cooler Bag (Labor & Delivery)

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas Tote Bag (Royal Blue) 

Cooler Bag (Women's & Children's Services Only)
(Temporarily Unavailable)

Employee Badge Holder Bandaid Dispenser Microfiber

Employee Badge Holder (For employees ONLY)

Bandaid Dispenser
(Temporarily Unavailable) 


Tissue Packs Notebook Pen

Tissue Packs


Stress Cube

Canvas Lunch Bag Sports Water Bottle Keychain

Canvas Lunch Bag

Sports Water Bottle


Bendy U Mini Football Mini Basketball

Bendy U

Mini Football (Kids Events Only)

Mini Basketball (Kids Events Only)

 U Beach Cube

U Beach Cube

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