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Digital Content

Planning Your Digital Content
Taking time on the front end to plan and prepare your Web content, and having appropriate expectations for when it will be posted, will help create a win-win situation for everyone involved. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • All content submitted for posting must first have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate supervisor, manager, and/or legal department, if applicable.
  • PDF files cannot be edited once they have been created. Edits must be made to the original document and then that document must be made into a new PDF (a simple step).
  • Do not include character spaces in your file names for PDFs or other files destined for the web. You can substitute an underscore character or hyphen for the character space (file_name or file-name).
  • Please allow at least 2-5 business days for changes you submit to be made to the site unless they are needed ASAP.
  • Larger projects featuring new content typically take 30-90 days to complete, depending on the volume of content needed.
  • Consult a member of the Marketing Web Team if you have questions or need clarification.
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