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UCLA Health

UCLA Health Graphic Identity



 UCLA Health Graphic Identity
       Colors & Fonts
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
            Black-And-White Reversed
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
            Color Palette
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
                 Stein Eye Institute
            Correct Color Applications
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
                 Complementary Typefaces
                 Typefaces For Use With PCs
            Incorrect Color Applications
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
            Logo Color Specifications
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
            Logo Colors
            Solid-Color Backgrounds 30% Value or Less
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
            Solid-Color Backgrounds Greater Than 30%
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
            System Neutral Color Palette
            Branded Video Tags
            Electronic Stationery
                 Doheny Eye Intitute and UCLA Stein Eye Institute Electronic Stationery
                 Microsoft Powerpoint Template for presentation
                 Microsoft Word documents for imprinting on stationery shells
                 Microsoft Word documents for printing stationery items from your desktop and email correspondence
                      facsimile b+w
                      facsimile color
                      mailing labels b+w
                      mailing labels color
                      memorandum b+w
                      memorandum color
                      standard letterhead b+w
                      standard letterhead color
                 UCLA Health System and DGSOM Electronic Stationery
                 UCLA Stein Eye Institute and Doheny Eye Institute Electronic Stationery
                 Community Practice Network
                      Children's Health Center
                      Family Health Center
                      Geriatric Medicine
                      Heart and Lung Transplant
                      Internal Medicine
                      Internal Medicine Consultants of Santa Monica
                      Iris Cantor Women's Health Center
                      Manhattan Beach
                      Plastic Surgery
                      Radiation Oncology
                      Santa Monica 15th Street
                      Santa Monica 16th Street
                      Santa Monica Bay Physicians
                      Santa Monica Neurological Associates
                      Santa Monica Parkside
                      Santa Monica Pediatrics
                      West Los Angeles Pediatrics
                      West Washington
                      Woodland Hills
                      David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and UCLA Health logo used together
                      Faculty Group
                      Medical Group
                      UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA logo used together
                 Specialty Hospitals and Facilities
                      Doheny Eye Center
                      Doheny Eye Institute and UCLA Stein Eye Institute used together
                      Institute of Urologic Oncology
                      Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
                      Semel Institute
                      Stein Eye Institute
                      Transplant Surgical ICU
                      UCLA Aids Institute - Center for AIDS Research
                      UCLA Stein Eye Institute and Doheny Eye Institute used together
                 U Graphic
                 U Phrases
                 UCLA Health and Hospitals
                      Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA
                      Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA
                      UCLA Health
                 UCLA Health Brand Signature
                 UCLA Health Operation Mend
                 UCLA Health Sustainability
                 UCLA Health Wellness
                 UCLA Tiverton House
            Powerpoint Presentation
            Reception Area Videos
            UCLA Health Style Guide
                 5 Rules for Digital Writing
                 Archiving: Scheduling End-date Guidelines
                 Content Types and Approximate Lengths
                 Digital Content
                 Employee Blog Guidelines
                 Grammar Spelling and Styles
                 Legally Usable Content
                 Linking Policies
                 Naming Conventions for UCLA Health
                 Punctuation 101
                 Search-engine Optimization Guidelines
                 Social Media Policy
                 UCLA Health Brand Promise
                 Voice and Tone
                 Writing Tips
            App Icon
                 App Icon Minimum Free Space
                 App Icon Minimum Size
            Branded Video Tags
            Logo Minimum Size
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
            Logo Outdated Designs
            Logo System
            Master Logo
                 Master Logo Minimum Free Space
                      Mattel Children's Hospital
                 Master Logo Minimum Size
                      Mattel Children's Hospital
            Mattel Children's Hospital
            Multitier Logo
                 Mattel Children's Hospital
                 Multitier Logo Horizontal Orientation
                 Multitier Logo Horizontal Structure
                      Mattel Children's Hospital
                 Multitier Logo Minimum Free Space
                      Mattel Children's Hospital
            Stacked Logo
            U Graphic
                 U Graphic Applications
                 U Graphic Minimum Free Space
                 U Graphic Minimum Size
            U Phrases
                 U Phrases Applications
                 U Phrases Minimum Free Space
                 U Phrases Minimum Size
            E-mail signatures
            Incorrect Naming in Logo
            Incorrect Naming in Text
            Giveaway Items
            Physician Ads
            Physician Announcement Cards
            U.S.News Rankings Postcards
       Our Brand
            Fact Sheets
            UCLA Health Umbrella
            Media Relations
                 Interview Tips
                 Spokesperson Tips
            UCLAMDChat Webinars
            Updating Your Provider Profile
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