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Physician Announcement Cards

How to order Physician Announcements and Information Cards

Go to www.castlepress.net/uclahealth  
Go to the UCLA Health menu page (you will need to sign in and create a password of you do not have one already)
Scroll down and you will see Physician Announcement  & Information Cards under Specialty Items.
Please note there are two versions of the front (the backs are the same):

  • Announcement--this is to announce new faculty. You will see at the top the words say "Department of XXX welcomes"
  • Information--this is for existing faculty who want to use them to promote themselves. You will see the line with the Department name does not have "welcomes"
  • Each version has two choices--one for more copy and one for less

All backs are the same: a summary of the components of UCLA Health.
You will need to upload a photo of the physician who must be wearing a white coat.

Use the samples that are posted as your template for what to include. Be sure to proofread carefully. Marketing will need to approve before they are printed.

As with ordering business cards, you will need to provide a PO.


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