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Uniform Guidelines for Managers

Many departments within UCLA Health require employee uniforms. Patients and visitors will feel more comfortable and safe in our facilities if we, the staff members who care for them, present ourselves in a professional manner. Assessment of our professionalism begins with the first impressions we make, including how we are dressed. Employees are to wear the uniform and uniform color assigned to their position to enable patients, visitors and colleagues to identify staff and their roles on the healthcare team. To read the dress code guidelines, go to http://www.mednet.ucla.edu/Policies/pdf/enterprise/hs0341.pdf

Before purchasing uniforms:

  1. Check with Purchasing to ensure the vendor is approved.  All garments must be purchased from approved vendors.
  2. Contact Marketing to confirm that the color and style of the selected uniform is not already being used by another department.
  3. Contact Marketing to coordinate the logo and department/function name that is to be stitched on the uniform. Marketing must sign off on the stitching prior to the order being placed.

Guidelines for stitching:

  • UCLA Health logo is to appear as the first tier of stitching on uniforms. Exceptions have been made for Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. No other name can appear on the first tier.
  • The second tier generally carries the department name (i.e., Environmental Services, Lift Team, Dining Commons, Clinical Engineering) or the employee's function (i.e., Registered Nurse, Volunteer, Care Partner). The title of program or function name needs to be intuitive and understood by patients and visitors. No abbreviations may be used that are not easily understood.
  • Employee names are not to be stitched on uniforms. All employees are expected to wear their ID badge, which displays the employee name.
  • No additions or changes to the UCLA Health logo are allowed.
  • No graphics may be stitched on uniforms.
  • Any garment, such as jackets, given to employees as gifts need to follow the stitching guidelines if they include a UCLA logo. It is likely employees will wear these garments to work and therefore should be consistent with uniforms.


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